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Affiliate Program



  • As education has progressed, millions of prospective candidates in the form of students from professional courses like Medical, engineering, biomedical, nursing, health technicians, commerce, arts and other streams are coming out every year. The scope is to tap from those millions for the suitability of their qualifications and skills and list and motivate them to take up suitable jobs by registering on and make them employed suitably and get yourself rewarded suitably.
  • There is a tremendous response for our Affiliate programme and there is huge list of affiliates joining us day after day and growing at the rate of 60% every month and huge pay-outs are made for Affiliates each month. The scope for earning 5 lakhs and above is very high for active affiliate members. We have affiliate rating programme also which provides marginal higher earnings for high performing affiliate than other normal affiliates.
  • Scope is enhanced with connectivity these days. You may get the candidates roped in through Facebook, Blog, online community group, Placement cell & consultancy, Alumni group, fresher’s group etc. The limit for earning can be defined by you and increase your earnings by referring freshers and making them register on

How It Actually Happens

  • Affiliate should refer all the candidates either experienced or fresher to and earn affiliate remuneration. Once the candidates verify both through mobile phone or email account, the tracking with affiliate reference will be done and the appropriate affiliate will be paid accordingly.
  • Affiliate programme works through all means like social networking sites, web page, e-mail, sms (message) and other ways one feels ethically good.


  • No costs whatsoever to be an affiliate of


  • If a new registration of a candidate is made through affiliate, each such registration shall be attracting a sum of Rs.25/- If an affiliate registers 100 members in a day he will be paid a sum of Rs.2500/- so you can imagine the earning potential of being an Affiliate.