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Featured Employer gives you an opportunity to receive the most prominent placement for your employer brand and jobs. With a Featured Employer ad unit, your company logo, description and Sponsored Jobs appear next to relevant search results. This placement means the most exposure for your jobs and helps attract more candidates.
Featured Employer status is the best way to showcase your employer brand on Healthcareer and ensure the maximum exposure for your jobs. Only one Featured Employer ad unit appears on each page, helping you increase brand awareness among the most relevant job seekers.
You can check the status of a job by logging in to your account and clicking on the “Application” button. This will list all of your job submissions and where you can locate a job status note that states where you are in the application process.
To change any additional info, please use the "Edit Profile" link on the Dashboard.
Featured Employer status is available for free for employers that meet budget thresholds based on the number of Sponsored Jobs on Healthcareer. Contact us directly for details on the budget required for your company to become a Featured Employer.
To close a job, go to the Manage Jobs page and then click "Delete" button underneath the job name. You can always click the "Re-Post Job" button to re-post the job to the job boards if you’d like.
We encourage employers to make their job ads clear and concise. You can easily organize your position’s responsibilities and requirements with bullet points, numbered lists, and other formatting tools we have available. It can be helpful to add benefits, salary range, and perks to make your job more appealing, but it is important to stay on message. Job descriptions that are too extensive and detailed can result in unqualified candidates because requirements can be easily overlooked. On the other hand, jobs that are too ambiguous and vague can discourage candidates from applying because there’s not enough information about the position.
The best title will be short, sweet, and to the point. A few, specific words relating to the position is all you need! Remember: Job seekers may be searching any/all keywords related to your position. You might even consider creating a few job ads with different titles to cover all search options. Also, add any/every keyword you think applies in the title and/or job description. Be sure not to include extraneous symbols, your company name, or a web address in your title. These additions are often flagged by our job board partners.
It's always beneficial to place your job under the largest metropolis within roughly 25 miles from where the job is. This assists with search algorithms and gets you higher up on the search pages. You can always include: 'Actual Job Location: ____' in your job description if you're worried about misrepresenting your official office location. Additionally, if you're posting the same job ad multiple times, be sure each location is unique and also at least 25 miles away from the other locations. (If you post the same ad in the same city more than once, this can be viewed as spam by our job board partners.) Another easy way to avoid this issue is to tweak the title on each duplicate job ad you post so it appears unique to our partners.
An example of a good format for your job description might be: 1) Brief overview of the position, 2) Overview of day-to-day responsibilities, 3) Requirements that must be met in order to apply. A few questions you might consider addressing in your job ad: is this position full time or part time? Is this position entry level or is experience required? Also, A job seeker is more likely to apply if they can get an idea of pay structure and benefits. Specific numbers aren't necessary, but why not include whether this is a Salaried or Hourly position? Or if there are any health insurance benefits? Free coffee? Mileage stipend?
The length of your job ad will be a case by case decision but we normally recommend you keep your job around 2-3 paragraphs. A few sentences won't communicate the full spectrum of the job and several paragraphs can seem overwhelming or time consuming to job seekers. Think like a job seeker: Would you want to read a novel? Would you be comfortable applying to a job that is only a sentence or two long? What pertinent information are you looking for in the job ad and how much length is necessary to communicate it?
Look at your job through “Job Seeker Glasses.” If you were on the job hunt, what keywords would you search in order to pull up this position? What would you be looking for in the title and job description that would draw you in to apply? What pertinent information would you want included? This is the best way to create a relatable job ad that job seekers will be attracted to!
If your job is in a smaller city or town, posting your job in the largest neighboring city is a great way to get more exposure. If you have available job slots you can post your job multiple times in nearby cities to reach a larger pool of candidates. If you do so, make sure that the cities are at least 25 miles apart from each other. If jobs are identical and too close in proximity, they are viewed as duplicates by our job board partners and will not be posted. If you don’t want to venture out that far, you can post the job again, just make sure you re-word the job description so your jobs read differently. See: “What should I include in my job description?” above for tips you can follow to help maximize your exposure.
Go to ‘My Profile’ page and click on the ‘Profile Information’ link. Edit your Personel Details and/or Educational Details and Employement Details.
Once you log into your account, you will be able to edit of your resumes directly from your ‘My Profile’ page. Simply click on the icon to edit the resume. If you want to edit a resume that you cannot access from the Job Center page, click on the ‘Resumes’ tab in the main navigation and then click on the icon next to the resume you would like to modify. Click the button to save your changes.
You have two options when saving your account. You can make it completely public with all contact information available to employers; you can make it Private- not showing your contact information but the resume will still be searchable in the resume database; or you can remove your resume from the searchable database by marking it as private.
Your profile will be taken offline so that employers are unable to search for it. It will, however, still remain in our database so that you can send it to the employers you choose by clicking on the Apply Now option on any job description. This is a good option if you want to apply to a specific position without being contacted by other employers who have found your resume online. If in the future you do want your resume to be searched by all employers, simply change your confidentiality setting. To change the confidentiality setting click the edit button by the resume you want to change and then click the edit link in the Contact Information sections of the resume.
Selecting this option will make all of your contact information and work experience viewable to employers.
Employers control how long each job stays up. A job could be up for a day or for months. If you click on a saved link and the job no longer exists, you will get a message stating the job has expired and can no longer be viewed. Please print the job if you need it for future reference. We recommend checking back frequently for newly posted positions. If you find that a position you were looking for no longer exists, try running another search to see what other positions might be available
If you are using categories for your job search, often times the results can vary since categories are an attempt to classify jobs together by job function, for example: accounting/finance. You might have better results not selecting a category and using only keywords and location.